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Unleashing Woke Streetwear for the Bold

"SKREAM: Embracing Counter-Culture, Fashion, and Individuality to Redefine Streetwear in a Never-Ending Shift of Trends"

SKREAM was manisfested by two woke founders from India. Being heavily influenced by counter-culture and pop culture, both share curiosity and hunger to express their feelings with modes of fashion. One influences the other and vice versa, in a never-ending shift of trends. We dream of building the best streetwear brand ever in this universe. We started this project to preserve streetwear culture while making our clothing indispensable. Our collection engages thoughts that aren’t considered mainstream in fashion – influences ranging from dadaism, surrealism, and anti-industrial, to radical politics and society’s ills. All of this is reflected in our apparel, which consists of baggy clothes and tie-dye. We carry about coming back to simplicity and unorthodox thought; encouraging people to think beyond the norm and engage their individuality to build self-awareness.

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We redefine streetwear and build a world where self-awareness meets style.

Discover SKREAM, the trailblazing streetwear brand that is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its counter-cultural twist. Inspired by a fusion of counter-culture and pop culture, SKREAM challenges conventional norms and encourages self-expression through its unique apparel. SKREAM's collection embodies a rebellious spirit. From baggy clothes to tie-dye, their clothing reflects unorthodox thought and a departure from the mainstream. Explore SKREAM's distinctive range and embrace your individuality while staying on-trend. Join the movement, unleash your boldness, and express yourself with SKREAM, the ultimate destination for those seeking to redefine streetwear fashion.

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